Thursday, October 28, 2010

denim overload and Sacramento's scissors

go to A PAIR & A SPARE  blog  for DIY instructions for this Chloe look

Gap denim shirt with pockets removed (this shirt is at least 16 yrs old)
 jeans - Walmart pants with shirt pockets attached to the knees
Anna by Swedish Clogs - eBay

DIY white feather tassel also worn as an earring here

two large round rings - both from Target
silver bracelet (holding) - gift from Georgia
orange leather and studs bracelet - Target
silver bracelet - Kohl's
white feather tassel necklace - DIY
nailpolish - Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure

 denim dress - Ross
Mari France scarf as a belt - Goodwill 
clutch - New York & Co

denim shirt - SteinMart Kohl's (woops!)

chambray shirt - Ross

are you fed up with double denim trend?  i am just now starting...  i especially like the contrast between light and dark washes.  i removed pockets on my old Gap shirt to make it look a la Chloe.  i also like wearing different shades of brown with denim (brown shoes, belts, bags...  wish i had a brown satchel or a messenger bag).

THANK YOU so much for everyone who read or commented on my post about mummified scissors initiative.  Just to make things clear it was Jill of Street Style: Pics by Polka Dot whose idea it was to spread the word and encourage Roz.   Sacramento of MIS PAPELICOS has emailed me a photo of her creation asking me to post it on her behalf.  so here is Sacramento's beautiful scissor necklace made with golden tulle and lace.

Sacramento's scissor necklace


  1. i love that ross chambray dress! looks like a current/elliot design.
    the scissor lovely, and thoughtful! sacramento did a wonderful job of interpreting roz's project idea. i must get on mine...

  2. I love the light on dark denim trend!

  3. I really like the 'ghost' pockets look!

    I knew Sacramento's scissor mummy would be absolutely beautiful, she is so stylish!

  4. You are a wonderful friend, sorry that we are so far apart.
    I do hope the mummified scissors catches up with people. Such brilliant a idea!!!

  5. So many smart ideas here. I was sort of over double denim - until I read this post!

  6. I think the trend is just picking up steam!

  7. Love all your denim pieces. They look soft and very wearable.

  8. Good collection! And I love Sacramento's scissors - they are so beautiful.

  9. The knee patches are definitely interesting :-) but I love what you did to the shirt and the fact that you used designer pieces as your DIY inspiration. I'm just now trying to get transforming pieces and making them into something special. I need to keep up with you to get some ideas!

    1. Thanks! I wanted to take that photo down last year (the one with the funny knees) but later decided to live it up. I try to keep my blog genuine and honest (just like everything else in my life).

      I try not to judge others and expect the same back. Everyone makes mistakes we can laugh about later. I don't think fashion should be taken too seriously :D

      And yes, I'd be happy to keep up. I'm sure I can learn from you too.




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