Saturday, October 30, 2010


Thank you Kelly for tagging me on your blog Dressing Mommy.  I had fun answering your questions.

Q.  What is your ultimate vacation destination?
A.  Have you ever had a feeling of knowing you would do something someday?  Just not sure when or how?   I know I will visit Italy someday...  Ever since I was a little girl I was attracted to their language and culture.  I especially used to love learning about Italian art and architecture.  London is another place I would love to visit someday.  As far as favorite activity for my ultimate vacation - definitely browsing art museums.
Q.  What did you want to be when you were growing up? 
A.  As long as I remember myself I loved painting and drawing.  I should have studied art, but....  went on to pre-med first in Georgia, then became an accountant in the US.  I am determined to teach  my own children to follow their passion and their intuition especially when choosing their career.  If you make living doing what you love doing- consider yourself one of the luckiest people on Earth.
Q.   If your life was a TV show, what would your theme song be?
A.   Georgia Girl by Collective Soul.  Click here to listen on YouTube. 

Q.   If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A.   Healing... 
Q.   Sneakers or Stilettos?
A.   Flip-flops!  Just kidding.  Sneakers for hiking and stilettos for all the other occasions.  
Q.   What is your favorite holiday and why?
A.   I love Christmas but Thanksgiving is my favorite.  Even after living in America for 16 years now Thanksgiving still has a very special meaning to me.  Though I terribly miss my old friends in Georgia, I am grateful for everything God has blessed me with here in America.

Q.   If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be?
A.   I would ask for a housekeeper, a cook and a personal trainer!
Q.   What is your drink of choice?
A.   Vodka.  No, seriously - I love hot tea (very strong) and drink it every morning.

ghost-busters Cordell and Nina
Have a safe and happy Halloween!
I am so sorry for the odd format, I am not sure what went wrong.  But it's too late now to fix it...  Sorry!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

denim overload and Sacramento's scissors

go to A PAIR & A SPARE  blog  for DIY instructions for this Chloe look

Gap denim shirt with pockets removed (this shirt is at least 16 yrs old)
 jeans - Walmart pants with shirt pockets attached to the knees
Anna by Swedish Clogs - eBay

DIY white feather tassel also worn as an earring here

two large round rings - both from Target
silver bracelet (holding) - gift from Georgia
orange leather and studs bracelet - Target
silver bracelet - Kohl's
white feather tassel necklace - DIY
nailpolish - Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure

 denim dress - Ross
Mari France scarf as a belt - Goodwill 
clutch - New York & Co

denim shirt - SteinMart Kohl's (woops!)

chambray shirt - Ross

are you fed up with double denim trend?  i am just now starting...  i especially like the contrast between light and dark washes.  i removed pockets on my old Gap shirt to make it look a la Chloe.  i also like wearing different shades of brown with denim (brown shoes, belts, bags...  wish i had a brown satchel or a messenger bag).

THANK YOU so much for everyone who read or commented on my post about mummified scissors initiative.  Just to make things clear it was Jill of Street Style: Pics by Polka Dot whose idea it was to spread the word and encourage Roz.   Sacramento of MIS PAPELICOS has emailed me a photo of her creation asking me to post it on her behalf.  so here is Sacramento's beautiful scissor necklace made with golden tulle and lace.

Sacramento's scissor necklace

Sunday, October 24, 2010

mummified scissors (dedicated to Roz)

cardigan with rose design - Kohl's
flower print gray top - Kohl's (Vera Wang)
skirt - thrifted
black shoes - Kohl's
DIY necklace - rusty old scissors wrapped in black silk ribbon, metal rose button, white pearls
gray pearl necklace - JoAnns (it's actually supplies for one of my next DIY's)
bracelet - Forever21

this post is dedicated to Roz of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee blog.  she is a 15 year old blogger from UK.  i'm sure everyone here knows her blog.  Roz just had back surgery for scoliosis.  while she is recovering and staying off her blog, i wanted to help spread her initiative of making something she came up with.  here it is in her own words:

Last year I devised and made a simple pendant design - a pair of blunt sewing scissors (or child’s metal craft scissors) wrapped in strips of silk 'bandages' and hung on a chain. Subsequently, I've had a lot of people commenting whenever I wear this ‘mummified’ necklace. I now realise that I made this pendant shortly after I began my blog (, and this gave me the idea to put the two together into a novel blogging project.

I want to experiment with the force of the 'blogosphere' to see how far one idea can reach - namely, the mummy's scissors. But the difference is that this is not a publicising-to-sell campaign, it's a 'make it yourself' concept. My aim is to encourage bloggers (and subsequently their readers) and indeed, anyone interested to make their own pendants (alternatively I can send you a ready-made mummy’s scissors necklace if you don't have the time) and to style it in a personal way for them. From Style Bubble to Style Rookie, every blogger has a different way of putting clothes and accessories together. 

This is therefore not so much selling a product as 'anti-selling it' - getting everyone to create their own version of an idea - a totally not for profit scheme. 

this post may be the most difficult i've done.  i am not a writer.  neither am i a good photographer...   i started this blog simply to encourage myself (and others like me) to feel better through fashion.  and also, as an outlet for some creative ideas i had.
for several years now i suffer from chronic pain.  i found fashion to be soothing (?).  fashion doesn't help my physical pain of course, but simply put, fashion is fun and it helps me feel better about myself.  
 this is the inside of my cardigan;  isn't it beautiful inside and out?!

do you remember the twisted pearl necklace i made several weeks ago?  i made another one yesterday (above).  in this i tried to use more rose color...  Roz has mentioned on her blog that because of her condition she was intrigued by all things twisted in nature: such as tree trunks etc.  well, these are glass pearls not the real ones, but i think you get the idea.  making this twisted shape into something beautiful! 
Roz, hang in there!  hope you recover soon.

 Nina (5) in our backyard

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tennessee Pow Wow 2010

Saturday i took my kids to the annual Tennessee Pow Wow Festival (our first time).  saw lots of beautiful beaded jewelry, turquoise and silver works and Native American traditional dancing.   i am so proud for not buying anything for myself!  really wanted this beautiful tote below but sure don't need another bag.

i wore my tribal skirt from Target seen in this post and DIY white feather earring (when i was making my feather tassel necklace a la Tory Burch, i had made an extra tassel that was too much for the necklace, and thus i have one white feather earring).

i love my new ring from Carolyn of  JuvenileJulian on Etsy (her blog is  Open Sight).  the Ring of Time is made out of up-cycled old watch pieces.  please check out her Etsy shop.  she makes beautiful jewelry. 

green sunglasses - New York Company (old)
nail color - Sally Hansen Gunmetal 

oh, and more about that nail polish.  my inspiration for this purchase was Chanel's Steel.  what do you think?  i got mine (Sally Hansen's Gunmetal) at Target.  and while i was at it i also grabbed these for no particular reason,  just love the colors!  yummy!!!

from left to right: 
Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure (it's metallic gold)
Sally Hansen Gunmetal
Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia
Revlon Craving Coral

Monday, October 18, 2010

Georgian influences in fashion ;)

 sukhishvili group

first time i saw Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 sasquatch looks i thought:  hmm, Mr. Lagerfeld has copied Georgian National dress (or at least just those fur boots).  i'm kidding of course!
all jokes aside, we Georgians are mountain people you know :) so, fur (actually, it's sheepskin) kept our ancestors warm in those long winter months. 

my parents are still visiting in Georgia.  i should totally ask them to bring me a sheepskin vest back!!!

this video is of Sukhishvili group performing Georgian Dance With Daggers...  they are coming to New York's Lincoln Center November 7th.  i really wish i lived in New York!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

a day at the farm

wow!  we are still having idyllic weather here in Middle Tennessee.  kids are still on their Fall break.  yesterday my friend S. invited us to her farm to feed chickens and play with dogs.  thought it was just fitting to pull out yet another almost forgotten piece - my Old Navy denim overalls.  i used to wear these long time ago when kids were itsy-bitsy and Mr. Wonderful and i would take them to a local pumpkin patch each Fall.  never thought of denim overalls as a statement piece but - never say never!  colorful floral top comes from Goodwill (new purchase).  i bought it because it reminded me of some Tory Burch happy floral prints from last spring (?).
roll up those denim overalls, get a pretty brown clutch, floral shirt and camel booties...  and - voila!  overall makeover!

check out those shoulder pads!!!

the chickens did not care much for Nina's rendition of famous chicken dance

chasing poor little chickens
finally Nina gains trust and hand-feeds chickens okra seeds
just chillin'...  although it was too cold to swim- we had a great time Friday (i left my clutch and suede booties at home of course, did not think i would need them at the farm! lol).  hope you are having a great weekend!

first photo is Tory Burch flower print from Harpers Bazaar and the second is from  Elle.

denim overalls - Old Navy (very old!)
floral blouse - Goodwill (new purchase)
camel suede booties - DSW
brown clutch - Goodwill (also seen in this post)
"rusty" belt - came off some dress of mine

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

pink pout (or just wanna have fun)

Revlon's Pink Pout is a name of this lipstick i'm wearing....  (just in case you were wondering what's with the pout)... 

every time i do a post i have to restrain myself from attaching a music video that is in my head at that moment and reflects my mood.  i am well aware it is cheesy but can't help it sometimes.  today's mood is "just wanna have fun".  do you remember Cyndi Lauper's song?
i'm home alone again and just wanted to play with my makeup and hair before started painting  some orders (fun is first, right?).  i even had this 50's cat eye makeup going on that i have never tried before.  i kinda like it.  never been too brave with my eye shadow or eye liner before.
and i love my new skirt and earrings.  they are both thrifted (same store, same day) and i have no idea what era they come from but i think they are beautiful especially the earrings.  i bought this gray faux fur vest last year, wore it once and almost got rid of it thinking it was just a passing trend.  so glad still see faux fur on runways.

 gray shirt - Kohl's 
faux fur vest - Ross (last year's purchase)
skirt - thrifted
colorful earrings - thrifted ($.99!!!)
shearling booties - DSW
Revlon lipstick - Pink Pout (pout! get it?!)

p.s.  today's look was inspired by Jen's post at TheStyleCrusader.

short or long?

i'm not a hair person.  what i mean is i always used to have same old haircut - mid-length bob with bangs.  several months ago i decided to let my hair grow out....  having seconds thoughts now...  what should i do?  i'm terribly indecisive!

Keira Knightley via Refinery29
Katie Holmes via HairStylesBob
i actually took Katie Holmes picture to my hairdresser last year and this is what i looked like then:

should i go back to my old regular haircut?  any suggestions?


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