Monday, September 13, 2010

work-in-progress UO sweater DIY

this post is dedicated to ever young Jill of Streetstyle London.  Happy birthday Jill!

yesterday i stumbled upon Urban Outfitters' September catalog and fell in love with  Stine Goya Cable Sweater ($398).  immediately, i remembered i had a similar sweater from KMart's Basic Edition.  i have no idea what i paid for this since it was probably ten years ago or so...  i knew this sweater had potential...  during these ten years it survived several closet clean-outs!  i am so glad i held on.

now, if I only could sew!  have no idea how to attach these braids to the sweater!  any thoughts???  please help, i am stuck!!!  sorry, this is not finished...  could not wait to share pictures.  if i ever finish this project I will post pictures and detailed description how i did it.

1 comment:

  1. I would first pin them on to get the style and then just use large tacking stiches sewn by hand, that will hold them onto the jumper but also give the braid some movement xx



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