Saturday, September 18, 2010

what i wore on my birthday

tie-dye skirt - SteinMart
gray shirt - Target
gray flip-flops - Old Navy
bronze Steve Madden bag - T.J.Maxx
DIY chandelier necklace worn here
both rings - Target
jacket - AnnTaylor Loft
military buttons - JoAnns
headwrap- Kohls

i like combination of colors in this outfit: slate gray, light blue, military green.  plus the DIY chandelier necklace.  the fluffy skirt is light blue and gray tie-dye and also, parts of it at the bottom actually tie to a slip.
did you notice my nails?  originally, i was going to try Annie's tie-dye nails to match my skirt.  but could not find my off-white nail polish.  i just hope my daughter did not spill it somewhere and covered the mess up with a pillow or a book.  i have found many messes in the past "inconspicuously" covered up.  my thumb is turquoise and the rest of the fingernails are Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic (this one nail thing was probably influenced by Suze).  my jacket came from Loft (from their spring clearance).  sure, it's beautiful with original buttons but i wanted more military look.  new buttons came from JoAnn's.

thanks to all who entered and/or commented on my shoe giveaway.  I cannot wait to find out who wins Monday.  you can enter until 12:00 a.m. US central time on Sunday (tomorrow night).  the winner will  be picked randomly.  good luck!


  1. Happy birthday my lovely. I hope that you had a super day.
    I am looking forward to monday to know the WINNERRRRRRRRRRR.
    Un abrazo fuerte from Spain!!!

  2. i like this color combo, too. neutrals can be very interesting when different textures or patterns are incorporated.
    belated birthday wishes! i hope it was a happy day.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope your day was as wonderful as your outfit!

  4. Happy belated birthday...are you a Virgo too?



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