Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shedding my burqa off (one layer at a time)

before Cordell was born, i worked full time.  as an accountant i had to wear  business attire.
it's easy to hide under our clothes.  sometimes i think having to wear burqa is not a bad deal at all (ok,  that joke is tasteless, agreed).  the most common side effect of being a stay-at-home mom for me is not even wanting to look glamorous.  every morning i fight my own desire to just put on my "uniform" - an old tee and some shorts or capri pants.  of course, nothing's wrong with that.  nothing at all.  except that after doing so for several years i am longing for something more.  there IS a beautiful creature created in God's own image under that "burqa".
this picture is a belated tribute to In Professorial Fashion's (one of StyleNation's funniest blogs) wonder-women pose conference:

 casual wonder-women pose
 men's green tee with tribal design - Walmart
military green pants cut off into shorts - Target
Old Navy flip-flops

but i prefer my updated casual look:
 updated casual wonder-women
military jacket - Loft with Joann's buttons
classic stripes shirt - Target
floral shorts - Goodwill
Old Navy flip-flops

chain necklace - Forever 21 (it is very light!)
lips and lipstick necklace - Forever 21 (Nina likes playing with this one putting lipstick on these lips)

you've seen me wear those floral shorts here.  i love deep burgundy color and various greens in it.

green tee - Target

green button down shirt - Ross

i grew up in the former Soviet Georgia where i had to wear soviet uniform to school.  Soviet school girl uniform was an ugly cross between french maid and fascist brownshirt: solid dark brown dress and a pinafore.  pinafore could only be either solid black or solid white.
did you have to wear a uniform to school?  how did you feel about it?



  1. I had to be in uniform all my school life, and I hate it. perphaphs that is why i like to wear unique, not expensive, clothes now.
    It is easy to fall into pants a t-shit, but if you make the effort to look good for yourself, you feel great.

  2. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog - I really appreciate it.

    I love that chain necklace - I have a black one like it that I'll be wearing today! Great minds think alike! :)




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