Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ode to flip-flops

summer is finally over here in Middle Tennessee and i am having to put my flip-flops away.  i am trying to enjoy fashion and shed my soccer mom "i don't care how i look" image.  many things i used to wear are off the list, but flip-flops MUST stay!  every spring i buy several pairs at Old Navy.  this year i got white, bright blue, purple, gray and black for about $2.50 each (i have tried some other cheap brands, but these are most comfortable and durable). 

Old Navy flip-flops with DIY bows and buttons (Joann's ribbons, Walmart buttons)

on my wishlist for next spring is this beautiful metallic gold pair:

Old Navy metallic gold flip-flops $3.50

fashion is FUN!  so, if you have to or really want to, go ahead and wear flip-flops.  here is the proof that they can too be worn with style:

via street style: pics by polka dot

here is beautiful Hedving of Northern Light blog sporting her flip-flops:

1 comment:

  1. I wear flip flop in the house in summer, but never to go out; but I am very glad that you like and enjoy them. Good for you.



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