Sunday, September 12, 2010

my brand new DIY tattoo

i've always been too chicken to get a real tattoo.  inspired by Chanel's temporary tattoos this bracelet below is drawn using a sharpie. i did highlights with white acrylic paint.

it's pumpkin time in Tennessee!  every September we get two large pumpkins and two small ones (one for each member of our family) and set them out on our front porch.  we will carve them about a week before Halloween (actually, we have our annual pumpkin carving contest) and the best part is...  those pumpkin seeds toasted in butter and salt!

Edit 9/15/2010
just came across this beautiful picture of Chanel tattoos already applied (below)

via Little Black Book


  1. No! That is AMAZING!! It's like tromp l'oriel. Am I spelling it right?

    You kill me, Maya. It's not just that you're creative, imaginative.. you're also a really good artist.




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