Saturday, September 25, 2010

leopards and snakes... it's a jungle out there!

leopard print dress - Kohl's ABStudio (last year)
jeans - DKNY SteinMart

my first leopard print piece was a Snuggie i got as a gag gift last Christmas.  the second one was a Kohl's dress i bought myself.  i wore this dress to a party friend threw for me and some others to promote our businesses.  i had not been out for so long that it felt WILD!  this is the only picture i have so far (on friend's front porch) and you can't tell but i wore my new snake earrings and snake ring (all from Target).  

snake ring - Target
snake earrings - Target 

speaking of snakes, Cordell brought me a "gift" from ballpark few days ago.  it was a baby speckled king snake.  we kept him for two days and then let him go.  did you know that king snakes eat other snakes (even venomous ones such as rattlesnake and copperhead)?  

Speckled King Snake

 i already showed you some of my bday purchases.  here is one more brand new outfit i'm eager to wear.

leopard print top and black pants both from SteinMart

several years ago i started getting Boden USA catalog (it's a British brand).  they have cutest children's clothing i get my kids form time to time.  unfortunately, their women's line is out of my price range... but here is what i would get (only one of these of course).  

Boden Messenger Bag $128
Boden Uplifting Ankle Boots $218
Boden Plimsolls $78

 Do you have a favorite?   Oh yes, i almost forgot my leopard clogs.  how could i!!!
Hanna Andersson clogs (i got mine on eBay)


  1. Hi my lovely friend, I see you are into animal print full on, he, he.
    Abrazos from Spain.

  2. I love the plimsolls!
    Leopard print makes me happy every time it pops up every few years...

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