Thursday, September 30, 2010

currently craving: green and red (and black & white too)

Boden Audrey dress in green

Boden Audrey dress in red
Talbots green coat
Talbots polka dot coat and red shoes

about two years ago i fell in love with this green polka dot coat from Boden.  i waited for their sale and ....  unfortunately, they sold out of my size!  i still love this coat and search for it on eBay from time to time.   but this time i think she is really gone for good!

Boden green polka dot coat from about two yrs ago
not being able to find it anywhere, i had to settle with this black & white substitute.  i know, it's not the same, but it'll do...  beautiful retro collar and over -sized bow on the back.

black & white coat - TJMaxx

this video is NSFW.  Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby


  1. Great polka dot coat. I must ge myself some polka dots soon, he, he.

  2. You have some really cool things going on at your blog. Well done. I'm loving all of your recent outfit post. I'm loving them a lot.



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