Monday, September 20, 2010


thank you all for your comments.  i am so tickled that i found a good home for these fantastic shoes.  it will be difficult to part and i'll probably be scarred for life.   but knowing that these shoes are in good hands (or feet?) is very comforting.  off they go across the pond tomorrow morning!  thank you all again for comments.  it feels so good to share :)

kids' toys come so handy sometimes.  i stuffed plastic Easter eggs with individual names.  and hand-picked one out of my daughter's Easter bag. 
and please pardon my cheesiness.  i honestly can't help it...

10-10-10 Edit: 
due to some technical difficulties these shoes went to the runner-up - Sacramento of Mis Papelicos.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh bye, bye my darlings. i do hope they take good care of you.
    Congratulations to the winner.
    I shall start hunting for wedding shoes soon, he, he.

  2. No matter, as you say it was a chance to meet and like each other, so it was well worth it.

  3. Ahh, thank you so much! I never win anything and these shoes are amazing. I'll shoot you an email shortly.


  4. Seriously gorgeous shoes! I love them! Lucky winner!
    And ever since my nephew moved down here I have ended up with a crazy collection of holiday odds and ends...the egg idea is brilliant!

  5. That is the cutest way to pick names, mine just go on scraps of paper not at all exciting!! Congrats to platform princess I think she will really suit the shoes xx



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