Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ballet flats

DSW online $44.95
DSW online $44.95
DSW $44.95
i think ballet flats are still going strong, don't you?  i was seriously craving Penny Loves Kenny Crow Flat one in each color, but especially in nude (from pictures above).  i found those at DSW online store.  however, my local DSW did not have them, so i actually got plain black ones for half the price they advertise online (they also had metallic silver).  i paid $19.95 for these (below).  i had not worn them out yet, but am eager to do so.  the leather is super soft and the sole is good enough to wear these beauties out.  i should wear them Thursday when i take Nina to her ballet class.  she will get a kick out of it.

here some more ballet flats for more affluent consumer:

Giuseppe Zanotti $247.50
Giuszeppe Zanotti $247.50
Miu Miu Gold ballet flats

and finally, Nina Ricci flats for $454.50 (sorry, no picture but you can click the link).


  1. I once fell IN LOVE with a gray flannel pair but they were bendy and were so painful I couldn't wear them.. Flats are great, though.

  2. They do look beautiful, but I get very tired walking so flat. My daughter wont wear anything else.

  3. Hi lovely, I get empty messegers in my email. is it you wanting to tell me anything???

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