Thursday, September 30, 2010

separated at birth

i had long forgotten about my velvet maxi skirt which i bought about twelve years ago.  i used to wear it a lot in college and for my first job here in America.  finally, the skirt had to retire.  it survived several moves and closet cleanings due to the beautiful fabric it's made out of.  i kept it thinking i could at least dress up as a witch for Halloween someday (which i actually did a year ago).  anyway, the skirt was retired...
that's until a few days ago i saw its twin on Reena Rai of Fashion Daydreams.  hers is from New Look:

New Look velvet maxi skirt

finally, twin sisters separated at birth reunited thanks to internet!
velvet maxi skirt - no brand from twelve years ago
blue tee - Target sale ($2.45!)
military green jacket - Old Navy with DIY studs also seen here
thread necklace - arts and crafts show 
purple and gold bracelet - SteinMart
flower ring - SteinMart 
black espadrilles - Target

currently craving: green and red (and black & white too)

Boden Audrey dress in green

Boden Audrey dress in red
Talbots green coat
Talbots polka dot coat and red shoes

about two years ago i fell in love with this green polka dot coat from Boden.  i waited for their sale and ....  unfortunately, they sold out of my size!  i still love this coat and search for it on eBay from time to time.   but this time i think she is really gone for good!

Boden green polka dot coat from about two yrs ago
not being able to find it anywhere, i had to settle with this black & white substitute.  i know, it's not the same, but it'll do...  beautiful retro collar and over -sized bow on the back.

black & white coat - TJMaxx

this video is NSFW.  Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shedding my burqa off (one layer at a time)

before Cordell was born, i worked full time.  as an accountant i had to wear  business attire.
it's easy to hide under our clothes.  sometimes i think having to wear burqa is not a bad deal at all (ok,  that joke is tasteless, agreed).  the most common side effect of being a stay-at-home mom for me is not even wanting to look glamorous.  every morning i fight my own desire to just put on my "uniform" - an old tee and some shorts or capri pants.  of course, nothing's wrong with that.  nothing at all.  except that after doing so for several years i am longing for something more.  there IS a beautiful creature created in God's own image under that "burqa".
this picture is a belated tribute to In Professorial Fashion's (one of StyleNation's funniest blogs) wonder-women pose conference:

 casual wonder-women pose
 men's green tee with tribal design - Walmart
military green pants cut off into shorts - Target
Old Navy flip-flops

but i prefer my updated casual look:
 updated casual wonder-women
military jacket - Loft with Joann's buttons
classic stripes shirt - Target
floral shorts - Goodwill
Old Navy flip-flops

chain necklace - Forever 21 (it is very light!)
lips and lipstick necklace - Forever 21 (Nina likes playing with this one putting lipstick on these lips)

you've seen me wear those floral shorts here.  i love deep burgundy color and various greens in it.

green tee - Target

green button down shirt - Ross

i grew up in the former Soviet Georgia where i had to wear soviet uniform to school.  Soviet school girl uniform was an ugly cross between french maid and fascist brownshirt: solid dark brown dress and a pinafore.  pinafore could only be either solid black or solid white.
did you have to wear a uniform to school?  how did you feel about it?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ode to flip-flops

summer is finally over here in Middle Tennessee and i am having to put my flip-flops away.  i am trying to enjoy fashion and shed my soccer mom "i don't care how i look" image.  many things i used to wear are off the list, but flip-flops MUST stay!  every spring i buy several pairs at Old Navy.  this year i got white, bright blue, purple, gray and black for about $2.50 each (i have tried some other cheap brands, but these are most comfortable and durable). 

Old Navy flip-flops with DIY bows and buttons (Joann's ribbons, Walmart buttons)

on my wishlist for next spring is this beautiful metallic gold pair:

Old Navy metallic gold flip-flops $3.50

fashion is FUN!  so, if you have to or really want to, go ahead and wear flip-flops.  here is the proof that they can too be worn with style:

via street style: pics by polka dot

here is beautiful Hedving of Northern Light blog sporting her flip-flops:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

like mother, like daughter

Nina got herself dressed this morning and came out of her room looking like this:

le-top cowgirl jacket
white tee and cowgirl hat - ??
old navy tutu
(i'm convinced Nina set the clog trend as she's been wearing clogs for about two years now...  her 
hot pink ones are too small already)

the lack of good taste must run in the family.  hopefully, she will acquire it as she grows.  and yes, she has a full-length mirror in her room.  she likes to sing and twirl in front of it entertaining herself for hours.  Nina is also into exotic rings (just like her mom).  and once she even made one out of silly band.

Nina's DIY ring 

leopards and snakes... it's a jungle out there!

leopard print dress - Kohl's ABStudio (last year)
jeans - DKNY SteinMart

my first leopard print piece was a Snuggie i got as a gag gift last Christmas.  the second one was a Kohl's dress i bought myself.  i wore this dress to a party friend threw for me and some others to promote our businesses.  i had not been out for so long that it felt WILD!  this is the only picture i have so far (on friend's front porch) and you can't tell but i wore my new snake earrings and snake ring (all from Target).  

snake ring - Target
snake earrings - Target 

speaking of snakes, Cordell brought me a "gift" from ballpark few days ago.  it was a baby speckled king snake.  we kept him for two days and then let him go.  did you know that king snakes eat other snakes (even venomous ones such as rattlesnake and copperhead)?  

Speckled King Snake

 i already showed you some of my bday purchases.  here is one more brand new outfit i'm eager to wear.

leopard print top and black pants both from SteinMart

several years ago i started getting Boden USA catalog (it's a British brand).  they have cutest children's clothing i get my kids form time to time.  unfortunately, their women's line is out of my price range... but here is what i would get (only one of these of course).  

Boden Messenger Bag $128
Boden Uplifting Ankle Boots $218
Boden Plimsolls $78

 Do you have a favorite?   Oh yes, i almost forgot my leopard clogs.  how could i!!!
Hanna Andersson clogs (i got mine on eBay)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ballet flats

DSW online $44.95
DSW online $44.95
DSW $44.95
i think ballet flats are still going strong, don't you?  i was seriously craving Penny Loves Kenny Crow Flat one in each color, but especially in nude (from pictures above).  i found those at DSW online store.  however, my local DSW did not have them, so i actually got plain black ones for half the price they advertise online (they also had metallic silver).  i paid $19.95 for these (below).  i had not worn them out yet, but am eager to do so.  the leather is super soft and the sole is good enough to wear these beauties out.  i should wear them Thursday when i take Nina to her ballet class.  she will get a kick out of it.

here some more ballet flats for more affluent consumer:

Giuseppe Zanotti $247.50
Giuszeppe Zanotti $247.50
Miu Miu Gold ballet flats

and finally, Nina Ricci flats for $454.50 (sorry, no picture but you can click the link).

birthday purchases

still celebrating...
brown dress as a shirt - Ross
sleeveless top - last year's SteinMart
DKNY jeans - SteinMart
Franco Sarto leather sandals - DSW
wooden bracelet - from Soviet Era
elephant ring - Target
dome ring - Target
Nine West black suede heels - DSW
Audrey Brooke suede&leather booties - DSW


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