Saturday, August 7, 2010

picture purrrfect cool cat heels

Goodwill had a sale today.  50% off everything in the store.  i found these cool cat heels and had to grab them!  paid $2.50 for them.  are  you as much in love with them as i am?  when i worked i used to never shop second hand or even Walmart.  no, i was not a snob.  i was just in the dark and did not know about the joys of treasure hunting at Goodwill or other thrift.  oh, little things that make us happy.  do you enjoy thrift shopping?
p.s.  have you seen super cool Irregular Choice shoes AnnieSpandex posted?  i saw her post yesterday and today i stumbled upon these Nina's.  Coincidence?  i do not think so.  i think it was destiny.

Nina brand genuine suede shoes: Goodwill ($2.50)


  1. Those are awesome!! Definite score!
    Thanks for the link love :) xx

  2. Ohmigod - those are BA (BadA**)! I'm super-jealous of your find. Also, Closet Confections posted about her Irregular Choice shoes last week, and I've been stalking pairs on the internet ever since. They're trippy, no?

  3. A-Dubs, yes-trippy! (i had to look that word up on LOL
    hmmm... maybe i should master English language first before i try to learn Italian?!

  4. Wow. You scored on those shoes! You looked really nice in your last post. I still have trouble with a belt around my waist. Did it bother you?

  5. I am in awe of those insane shoes, what a find!!

  6. I want those! Epic. I love thrifting.



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