Wednesday, August 25, 2010

peaches and plums

i told you earlier in my Georgia Peach post that i am currently obsessed with various shades of peach, pale green as in pale mint etc.  today i am wearing a beautiful more saturated hue peach dress (as a tunic) by Elle (Kohl's).  it has black and purple flowers on it and the flowers are embellished with small black beads.  when i stand up the dress is just above my knee.
i never thought taking my own pictures would be so hard...  it's almost a workout for me.  hmm....  maybe i'll skip my plans of joining the gym.  would picture taking qualify for exercise?  i do run to the camera and back a lot. 
and of course my cool cat heels again...  you can see close up pictures in my shoe post here.
have you noticed my necklace?  i got it from some arts and crafts show about two years ago.  it is hand made and i only paid $5 for it!  i believe it's made out of fabric?...  and to think this was before i became aware of the soft jewelry trend.
i did not realize my nose was THAT crooked!  LOL

Elle dress from Kohl's 
black jacket - gift (possibly Macy's)
another pair of Walmart jeans - Sasson
cool cat heels, Nina brand, genuine suede -  Goodwill $2.50
handmade soft necklace - arts and crafts show two years ago

Edit:  i almost forgot to show off my no-brand purple ring.  and yes, i had to change into more comfortable shoes.
purple ring - sorry no brand
gray shoes- Franchescas
watch - Armitron's "Now"


  1. Oh first of all those shoes are AMAZING!! You found them at the Goodwill? That is the most perfect find, and they look like they were never worn.

    These shots are beautiful. I used to do that - before blogging, before any of this - using film and a tripod and a timer. Also everything was manual, so I used to put my shoe in the shot, focus on that, run back, take the shoe out.. you're right, it is good exercise!

    You look beautiful, Maya. You've got such a great sense of joy and don't take any of this seriously. Oh speaking of peaches I've got one last fresh peach that I smuggled back from a farm stand near my mom's. One last bit of sunshine altho it's cold & raining here. Hope you're having beautiful weather & enjoying the summer. It's funny, I was just thinking of you today, and then your comment just popped in. Thank you! xo

  2. Ahhhh, YOUR shoes are amazing. The plummy hue, the cats on the heel- wow! To echo Jill, I can't believe that you found them at Goodwill (and no one snapped them up before).

    Thanks for your lovely comment.


  3. oh these shots are so great! you did such a good job of taking your own photo. i find that so difficult to do. absolutely love the shoes! those are so gorgeous! lovely post! so fun to see your outfit.

    p.s. the necklace you made in the post bellow is so cool! xx

  4. I am so bad at using the timer, I always end up headless! These colours really suit you and I am still in love with the cat shoes!! xx

  5. those shoes!!! i thought, 'oh nice shoes, good color', then i saw the next photo of the heels! wow.

  6. You look lovely, the colour is gorgeous on you. And those shoes!!



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