Friday, August 20, 2010


you will need about 15 minutes to listen to the whole video.  to me it was worth it.  very generally speaking, this presentation is about freedom and creativity, innovation and competition in the world of fashion.
copycats are here to make money, designers and artists are here to make a difference. which side are you on?  well...  well... well... not so fast- I say.  first of all, don't designers want to make money too?  besides, no one lives in an absolute vacuum with no influences.  we all inspire and influence each other.  i agree with someone who said there is no original idea.  i very humbly bring my own example:  when i paint for children i try to be original and unique.  but we all know inspiration can come from anywhere.
as i like to say ideas just float in the air.  or using polka dot's words- ideas travel and take on a life of their own.  see definition of meme here.  i am on the side of freedom of expression.  which side are you on?


  1. I've actually seen this video! She makes some GREAT arguments in it.
    Inspiration is inspiration, copying is copying. Let's keep those separate!! :)

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