Sunday, August 8, 2010

Georgia on my mind

these are my kids...  Nina is wearing her traditional Georgian costume that my Dad brought for her and waving Georgian flags.  Cordell is wearing his school shirt.
today is second year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Georgia.  so i can not stop thinking about it.  the summer of 2008 my son was 4....  i tried to hide from him violent footage they were showing on TV but you know kids...  they don't miss anything.  he saw me cry and of course wanted to know what was going on,  why they were showing tanks and shootings on TV.  i tried to explain best i could.  but till this day he is inventing powerful weapons that could defeat Russia.  i keep telling him:  "you know, it's not the Russian people that are bad...  it's their government".  he replies: "i know, i know!  you TOLD ME ALREADY!". 
if you would like to see Georgian alphabet click here.
there will be a movie coming out in October about this war.  stay tuned...


  1. oh these photos are amazing! i've got a good friend who is georgian and she makes such good food! yumm... your daughter looks so adorable! love the outfit. hope you guys enjoyed the day! xx

  2. Oh Maya, this is so moving. And to think, that's Jen who wrote the comment! (note to Jen: that's amazing, we never spoke about that - and Maya how funny that she mentioned the food ; )

    I was JUST looking thru the cookbook that you sent me - I am blown away by your generous spirit. It was a few days ago, I was sitting at my mom's kitchen (she was given organic beets & cabbage from a friend/neighbour, who runs a 'soup kitchen' and was donated too much local farm produce so my mom was making cabbage soup). I had meant to come & visit & comment cause I can't send emails & I did'nt get a chance, then I saw your lovely comment about wanting to go home & see friends in Georgia. I want to see the film when it comes out.

    Must pack, so sad to leave today. Just had to come by and say hello and thank you. What beautiful kids, and photos - your house looks beautiful, too! Have a perfect day sweet Maya. xoxo

  3. oh, thanks Jill. you and Jen are so sweet. I commented on her blog saying (of course jokingly) that you should cook for Jen since you both like georgian cuisine ;) lol
    btw, this picture of my kiddos is taken at my parents' house. but i will be glad to take a credit for your compliment since i did help them decorate. they moved to TN several years ago to be close to their grandchildren. big adjustment.

  4. Lovely photos, your kids are gorgeous!

  5. What lovely children! And your daughter looks thrilled, as I would be, to be wearing such a glamourous gown. They must be a hoot!

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