Monday, August 23, 2010

channeling my inner 80's chick (rainbow fish blouse)

both kids are in school today...  that means picture time, yeah!  i miss my photographer though.  i don't like this self-timer.  today i felt like wearing something old-fashioned.  this colorful blouse must be from 80's.  it seems to be in excellent condition.  i even kept the shoulder pads :)
blouse- Goodwill
denim pants - Walmart
nude sandals - Kohls
accessories- thrift
cat-eye glasses - Hot Topic


  1. 'Cuteness. I often envy brunettes for how good you look in saturated colours, and you are no exception! And I love that kept everything else so perfectly neutral since the top is so rich and colourful.

  2. i gotta say, i am liking that blouse! it's pretty how you've styled it. :)



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