Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7 things about me...

about a week ago I "met" this wonderful person Suze of MissVinylAhoy.  she is beautiful, funny and intelligent.  we both have passion for fashion on a limited budget and we both love DIY projects.  thanks Suze for tagging me on your blog.  here are 7 random things about me:


1.  i've been staying home for six years now with my children and am about to go crazy! i am trying really hard to believe there is life after kids...

2.  i am passionate about art.  my favorite artists are Vermeer, Millet and Pirosmani.

3.  i'll be 39 in September.

4.  i am way better with consonants than vowels.  did you just say cheek or chick?  stir or steer? it all sounds  just the same to me!  maybe because Georgian language has mostly harsh throat consonants and only a few vowels.  Georgian word "coach"  has 6 (yes, SIX) consonants in a row!

5.  i love gift giving almost as much as receiving gifts.

6.  i was born and raised in the country of Georgia.  sorry, if you are sick of hearing me say that every chance I get, but still so many people don't even know where it is.  from time to time i still get: "oh yes, i know-Germany!" the only similarity i see is Georgia and Germany both start with a letter "G".  go figure!

7.  i would love to learn Italian someday.


  1. Oh you are so welcome! :)
    I have 'met' so many cool people through my blog!! :)



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