Wednesday, August 25, 2010

peaches and plums

i told you earlier in my Georgia Peach post that i am currently obsessed with various shades of peach, pale green as in pale mint etc.  today i am wearing a beautiful more saturated hue peach dress (as a tunic) by Elle (Kohl's).  it has black and purple flowers on it and the flowers are embellished with small black beads.  when i stand up the dress is just above my knee.
i never thought taking my own pictures would be so hard...  it's almost a workout for me.  hmm....  maybe i'll skip my plans of joining the gym.  would picture taking qualify for exercise?  i do run to the camera and back a lot. 
and of course my cool cat heels again...  you can see close up pictures in my shoe post here.
have you noticed my necklace?  i got it from some arts and crafts show about two years ago.  it is hand made and i only paid $5 for it!  i believe it's made out of fabric?...  and to think this was before i became aware of the soft jewelry trend.
i did not realize my nose was THAT crooked!  LOL

Elle dress from Kohl's 
black jacket - gift (possibly Macy's)
another pair of Walmart jeans - Sasson
cool cat heels, Nina brand, genuine suede -  Goodwill $2.50
handmade soft necklace - arts and crafts show two years ago

Edit:  i almost forgot to show off my no-brand purple ring.  and yes, i had to change into more comfortable shoes.
purple ring - sorry no brand
gray shoes- Franchescas
watch - Armitron's "Now"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Alone- Day 2 (twisted pearl necklace DIY)

i have thousand things to do today (since kids are both in school) but first things first!  this project cannot wait any longer.  i came across Lovely Layered Pearls DIY tutorial on NewYorkDesignShop.  please forgive me for not including my own step-by-step description but all i would be doing repeating the link above.  the only changes are: i used jewelry making wire to tie the ends of the necklace and also my strands were shorter.  thus the necklace ended up being shorter.
all supplies are from Joann's (sale!)
peach top from Ross
lipstick- Revlon's Soft Nude

Monday, August 23, 2010

channeling my inner 80's chick (rainbow fish blouse)

both kids are in school today...  that means picture time, yeah!  i miss my photographer though.  i don't like this self-timer.  today i felt like wearing something old-fashioned.  this colorful blouse must be from 80's.  it seems to be in excellent condition.  i even kept the shoulder pads :)
blouse- Goodwill
denim pants - Walmart
nude sandals - Kohls
accessories- thrift
cat-eye glasses - Hot Topic

Friday, August 20, 2010


you will need about 15 minutes to listen to the whole video.  to me it was worth it.  very generally speaking, this presentation is about freedom and creativity, innovation and competition in the world of fashion.
copycats are here to make money, designers and artists are here to make a difference. which side are you on?  well...  well... well... not so fast- I say.  first of all, don't designers want to make money too?  besides, no one lives in an absolute vacuum with no influences.  we all inspire and influence each other.  i agree with someone who said there is no original idea.  i very humbly bring my own example:  when i paint for children i try to be original and unique.  but we all know inspiration can come from anywhere.
as i like to say ideas just float in the air.  or using polka dot's words- ideas travel and take on a life of their own.  see definition of meme here.  i am on the side of freedom of expression.  which side are you on?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Georgia on my mind

these are my kids...  Nina is wearing her traditional Georgian costume that my Dad brought for her and waving Georgian flags.  Cordell is wearing his school shirt.
today is second year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Georgia.  so i can not stop thinking about it.  the summer of 2008 my son was 4....  i tried to hide from him violent footage they were showing on TV but you know kids...  they don't miss anything.  he saw me cry and of course wanted to know what was going on,  why they were showing tanks and shootings on TV.  i tried to explain best i could.  but till this day he is inventing powerful weapons that could defeat Russia.  i keep telling him:  "you know, it's not the Russian people that are bad...  it's their government".  he replies: "i know, i know!  you TOLD ME ALREADY!". 
if you would like to see Georgian alphabet click here.
there will be a movie coming out in October about this war.  stay tuned...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

picture purrrfect cool cat heels

Goodwill had a sale today.  50% off everything in the store.  i found these cool cat heels and had to grab them!  paid $2.50 for them.  are  you as much in love with them as i am?  when i worked i used to never shop second hand or even Walmart.  no, i was not a snob.  i was just in the dark and did not know about the joys of treasure hunting at Goodwill or other thrift.  oh, little things that make us happy.  do you enjoy thrift shopping?
p.s.  have you seen super cool Irregular Choice shoes AnnieSpandex posted?  i saw her post yesterday and today i stumbled upon these Nina's.  Coincidence?  i do not think so.  i think it was destiny.

Nina brand genuine suede shoes: Goodwill ($2.50)

Georgia Peach

sorry, i could not resist this title...  besides, they grow delicious peaches and apricots in the country of Georgia too.  i have been obsessed with different shades of peach, pale mint, sage etc.  what is your latest obsession?

floral dress: Goodwill
jacket: NewYork&Company
brown belt: NewYork&Company
shoes: Payless
clutch: Goodwill
earrings: mom's

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sleepwear as outerwear (soccer mom style)

belt was a gift, everything else came from Walmart.  this 100% organic cotton shirt is from Walmart's sleepwear department.  it was only $9 and i had to have the white one too.  it looks like a man's shirt except a lot less expensive.

i'd wear this (Bottega Veneta SS2010) but i am afraid it won't be pretty... LOL

7 things about me...

about a week ago I "met" this wonderful person Suze of MissVinylAhoy.  she is beautiful, funny and intelligent.  we both have passion for fashion on a limited budget and we both love DIY projects.  thanks Suze for tagging me on your blog.  here are 7 random things about me:


1.  i've been staying home for six years now with my children and am about to go crazy! i am trying really hard to believe there is life after kids...

2.  i am passionate about art.  my favorite artists are Vermeer, Millet and Pirosmani.

3.  i'll be 39 in September.

4.  i am way better with consonants than vowels.  did you just say cheek or chick?  stir or steer? it all sounds  just the same to me!  maybe because Georgian language has mostly harsh throat consonants and only a few vowels.  Georgian word "coach"  has 6 (yes, SIX) consonants in a row!

5.  i love gift giving almost as much as receiving gifts.

6.  i was born and raised in the country of Georgia.  sorry, if you are sick of hearing me say that every chance I get, but still so many people don't even know where it is.  from time to time i still get: "oh yes, i know-Germany!" the only similarity i see is Georgia and Germany both start with a letter "G".  go figure!

7.  i would love to learn Italian someday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

studded collar DIY

i first saw this beautiful Burberry jacket on Alicia's Power Casual blog back in January. unfortunately, it is typical of me that it would take months before i got to making it myself.  this DIY is very easy and only takes about 10-15 minutes.  all you need is a "guinea pig" jacket, iron and one sheet of iron-on studs (i got mine at Walmart for less than $2 and am very pleased with them).
just follow easy iron-on  instructions on the back of the package.  if you decide to embellish the jacket collar completely, you will need more than one sheet.  i chose to only embellish the ends that are visible from front.
oh, by the way, my jacket came from Old Navy sale for $14.99!  i think this has to be my favorite DIY project so far.


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