Thursday, July 29, 2010

white summer

target top, target skirt, kohl's necklace, old navy jacket (more coming later about this jacket), clear shimmery bracelet from a local boutique store.
after taking these pictures i realized that i actually wanted to wear my DIY necklace with this outfit. 

the inspiration for this DIY came from style odyssey's post some time ago.  i just happened to stumble on these beautiful crystals at some local antique shop ($0.50 each).  JoAnn's chain.

i am sorry for not posting for so long.  i was having some weight issues.  but self-pity party is over and now i'm back to have more fun!  
ok, it is way too hot for that jacket but don't you think it looks cute with the white outfit?  i have a little surprise about that jacket coming in a few posts.  stay tuned...
nat, to reply to your email- if you subscribe to my posts then you will be notified by email and won't be having to check if i posted or not :)

keith urban "till summer comes around" -just because i wanna be a punk rock superstar does not mean i cannot appreciate some country ;)


  1. whoa- gorgeous necklace!!! thanks for the sweet mention, too! sorry i have not been visiting the blogs lately, so busy unpacking these days.
    and i love that white dress on you. lovely. :)

  2. dear dear maya, i came in from the pool to try to thank you for that wonderful book!! this is the 1st chance i've had to open the package - we left long island soon as we arrived & were with friends in tranquility nj & just got back - you look lovely and i really hope you're not spending one more moment feeling self pity about weight issues.

    for what it's worth: i really feel it's universal for all women. i know i'm not fat but suddenly a few months ago i've discovered cellulite all over my body - my arms, thighs.. i never had it, ever. it's like my muscle tone this winter has turned to ripply cottage cheese. but when i was in the dominican republic and my friend annie - who's 8 years younger than me - was teaching me yoga (she's a yoga teacher) and she is so amazingly good, so fit, and i confided my secret, that i'm so ashamed of this cellulite thing and she just said 'jill, i have it too, everyone does'. it's amazing how this terrible burden we woman carry in secret - THAT WE HAVE FLESH ON OUR BONES - can occupy so much of our thoughts.

    okay, that's it - sorry i can't send emails so it has to be 'public' - but i can receive emails if you want to reply privately. you are so kind, i love that book so much and want to make some of the dishes for my mom and family while we're here.

    i see that's style odyssey!!! one of the loveliest women on this small planet ; ) xo

  3. Nope Keith is still causing me problems but now he is flickering all over the comments so at least I can see your necklace photos! Stunning - have emailed you xx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Pearl
    so sorry this video is causing you problems!



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