Thursday, July 29, 2010

to diy or not to diy???? cry for help!

it is probably 90F (about 35C) outside and all i can think about is Fall and cooler weather!  
back in April i purchased these beautiful black suede wedge booties from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) hoping that it would still look as stylish for the coming Fall season.  and i think it does.  i cannot wait to actually get to wear these shoes.  the only problem is i got this annoying DIY idea that i cannot shake off.  i am thinking of putting studs (well, actually thumb tacks) on JUST inner side of the shoe.  i was gonna call this post "stud surprise" but thought something about it did not sound right.  
anyway, i actually even did embellish, but then had a major self-doubting moment and took the tacks off.  luckily, this whole playing with the shoe thing did not ruin the suede and luckily, i took pictures.  i am having second thoughts about this embellishment.  SO indecisive!  please help, let me know: to diy or not to diy (hey, StyleUnderdog, i told you i was way cheesier than your jumping post!)
 as odd as it sounds i got my inspiration from:
1. really cool looking thumb tacks i saw in the hardware section in my local Walmart (i know you think i'm crazy but i was browsing to look for some washers for jewelry making, but about this later).  yes i was in the hardware section looking for jewelry inspiration....
2. you may not see any connection whatsoever but apparently my brain did:  burberry has this cool looking shirt with embellished collar, BUT it's all on the bottom side of the collar, so you barely see the studs or stones.  i will try to find that picture and show you later.
i don't think i knew about these shoes before i did mine, but it really does not matter.  maybe i did and just don't remember?  but i do believe ideas sometimes kind of float in the air.

i think mine is sort of a tame version of these two.
oh, and i have to mention i just "met" (discovered online) my "neighbor" (she lives in the area) Annie Spandex and trust me her DIY's are amazing.  she did her own version of Jeffrey Campbell shoe.  
so tacks are off right now.  what do you think? 


  1. Well, the tacks sure looked good. Depends on if you want to walk around thinking "there are tacks in my shoes."

  2. I'm on the fence, too! The booties are gorgeous as they are, but the faux-stud treatment is kind of fun. . . What's the climate like where you live? Perhaps that's how you should decide: if the tacks are in danger of rusting, leave 'em off?

  3. YES to the tacks! (But you knew I would say that.) ;D

    Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it <3

  4. Yes yes yes for DIY
    and you can PERSONALIZE it as cool as you want
    make it your character because shoes are statements ;p


  5. Love it! It think i'm going to do that myself.
    - enter my giveaway

  6. Hey Maya,
    I'm with A-Dubs. The boots are awesome either way. Put the tacks on until they rust then remove them. 2 looks with 1 boot. Did you see Miss Vinyl Ahoys post on her DIY tacked shoes? Check it out. You could probably email her and find out how long the tacks lasted. She is a really sweet person.

  7. thank you all for your votes! all i have to say i wish i had two pairs of these so that i could have it both ways. i liked SU's idea about doing DIY and then taking tacks off later ;)
    thanks everyone!

  8. Oooh- I really love this idea! It's just a quick glimpse into badasser-y :)

    Oh- and to answer Style Underdog's comment above, I glued my thumbtacks on, so they're all still there! The shoes are just heavy now, so I don't wear them all the time :)

    And, since I glued them, I don't wear them in the rain ( I wear flipflops!!) :)

  9. Ok, i know that votes have been cast. My opinion - they need alittle leopard touch. a straight ribbon on outer side or something like that. and if you want tacks - that's my company product that you bought in Walmart! SO i can not say they look bad :) but if you need more- I can mail you some.

  10. spasibo, Natash! I would love some. They were best looking ones there. Hammered antique brass look.



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