Monday, July 19, 2010

presenting Georgia Blue Boutique on Etsy...

i minored in Art in college and after my daughter was born five years ago decided to put my education to good use ;)  i started painting shirts for my kids (a boy and a girl).  other parents started asking me to paint for their children and slowly i started taking custom orders.  do you need an original gift ideas for birthdays, baby showers, holiday gifts.  then please check out my brand new shop on Etsy
i also paint Christmas ornaments.  these make very special and personal gifts.  do you know someone who moved this year?  or someone who had a new baby?  how about a little/big brother/sister ornament?  check out for yourself.
it's "CHRISTMAS IN JULY" in my shop.  you will get free shipping anywhere in U.S. if you place an order before July 25, 2010.


  1. Ah I love the xmas decorations, dont get things like these here :( So beautiful!

  2. beautiful designs!! and good luck with your venture!


  3. maya these are awesome! my grandma used to make me and my sister similar sweatshirts when we were kids... must try to get my parents to dig those up - would love to see them again. really lovely that you can make such sweet things for your girls and their friends. xx

  4. Wow Maya, that is some talent you have there.
    Your daughter is adorable.

  5. Aw so you're the one I saw on LV with the cute kids shirts the other day! Those are adorable. If I still had younger cousins this age, I would totally get them a cute one.

    If you want to know how to do a color chart shirt just let me know, I never put directions up, but I can take pictures for you. :] Glad you liked my DIY!

  6. I love the kitty tee how cute! Though I think you might need to add necklaces to your shop with all your fab DIY going on!



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