Friday, July 2, 2010

crocheted bib necklace (and collar)

this is Aunt Mary (with my mom as a baby).  Aunt Mary could knit, crochet, macrame - you name it!  she made us (her brothers' grand-kids) countless stockings, mittens, hats, sweaters, dresses, shawls etc.
this was a beautiful doily Aunt Mary had made.  i brought it with me to America as a keepsake when she was still alive.  i hated to cut it up, but this way at least i will use it. i have been wanting a crocheted bib necklace, but since i can't crochet, i will have to cheat and use this doily.  it was made out of seven hexagons.  i cut four of them out.  here is a sketch of what i want to make:

now i have a crocheted collar and four hexagon pieces that i am going to use to make the bib necklace.

i know nothing about sewing and can't even use sewing machine, but i decide to attach lace trim to the edges  stitching by hand (it looks awful up close, but who cares? it's just for me). 

taking me longer than i want, but at least i have one beautiful crochet collar:

finally, i stitch pieces together and as a ribbon i use a snap tape (the only problem: it came only in stark white, so i dyed it with tea). 
and finally, my bib necklace made out of Aunt Mary's hand made doily.  Thank you, Aunt Mary!  though you are long gone you still gift me with sweet memories from my childhood. 
supplies from JoAnns,  military shirt Kohl's, long-sleeved tee T.J.Maxx


  1. What a great idea!
    So pretty too.

    Lydia xxx

  2. It's gorgeous... what a fabulous project. xoxo

  3. wonderful design looks great dear

    happy weekend


  4. i just realized i misspelled doily. oh well, what's the difference? doily-dolly; stir-steer; chap-stick-chopstick... English is a mysterious language. i'm sure this is not my last confusion...

  5. Oh, wow, Maya these are amazing. You are so tapping into that creative source. I love that 'it only came in white so I dipped it in tea'.

    I"m so moved that your Aunt Mary crocheted this by hand. And you had the courage to cut into it, knowing she'd have wanted you to use it and wear it and show it to the world.

    You know something wild? My grandmother, Anna - who died right after I was born, but was born in Belarus - was an avid crocheter. I'm going to ask my mom when I see her, if she has any of her work in the summer house.

    And yes, English is indeed a mysterious language. If it wasn't my first, (and only), I'd never learn how to speak it. And add to the confusion of the American/British thing!

  6. This is beautiful! You are so talented! 2 great minds think alike! I just did a post on a DIY necklace! Thanks for your nnice comment today!!! I also liked your first mixology try!!!! I am never successful at it!



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