Saturday, July 31, 2010

copy cat maxi dress

business in the back

party in the front
"security blanket" black sleeveless jacket

after reading in professorial fashion's interesting discussion on maxi dresses  i decided to pull my extra long black maxi dress that i had NOT worn before (thank you d-med and a-dubs).  my first reaction to the maxi dress trend was "did not we just go through this?"  but after getting over that first feeling, i decided to buy one.  in fact this purchase was directly inspired by Fashion Cloud's May post.  Thanks Fashion Cloud!  i'm sure it is very time consuming to do all that research on trends.
see great tips on how to wear a black maxi dress here.
did i mention i never wore this dress before?  well, apparently i did not even try it before buying.  it has a huge cleavage, so i had to cover up with my "security blanket" jacket.  and also this dress is super long.  i like the look but i can't walk without stepping on it.  so next time i wear it, i'll style it with a belt to pull it up a bit.  i thought the dress looked nice with black sandals and my wedge booties both.  sorry i don't have a good picture with a full length shot.  my photographer is only 5 and she tends to tilt and cut parts of my body off.

ross black maxi, ross black sleeveless jacket, chinese laundry sandals, urban outfitters wedge bootie,  no brand black ring, XXI black bracelet.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

to diy or not to diy???? cry for help!

it is probably 90F (about 35C) outside and all i can think about is Fall and cooler weather!  
back in April i purchased these beautiful black suede wedge booties from Urban Outfitters (on sale!) hoping that it would still look as stylish for the coming Fall season.  and i think it does.  i cannot wait to actually get to wear these shoes.  the only problem is i got this annoying DIY idea that i cannot shake off.  i am thinking of putting studs (well, actually thumb tacks) on JUST inner side of the shoe.  i was gonna call this post "stud surprise" but thought something about it did not sound right.  
anyway, i actually even did embellish, but then had a major self-doubting moment and took the tacks off.  luckily, this whole playing with the shoe thing did not ruin the suede and luckily, i took pictures.  i am having second thoughts about this embellishment.  SO indecisive!  please help, let me know: to diy or not to diy (hey, StyleUnderdog, i told you i was way cheesier than your jumping post!)
 as odd as it sounds i got my inspiration from:
1. really cool looking thumb tacks i saw in the hardware section in my local Walmart (i know you think i'm crazy but i was browsing to look for some washers for jewelry making, but about this later).  yes i was in the hardware section looking for jewelry inspiration....
2. you may not see any connection whatsoever but apparently my brain did:  burberry has this cool looking shirt with embellished collar, BUT it's all on the bottom side of the collar, so you barely see the studs or stones.  i will try to find that picture and show you later.
i don't think i knew about these shoes before i did mine, but it really does not matter.  maybe i did and just don't remember?  but i do believe ideas sometimes kind of float in the air.

i think mine is sort of a tame version of these two.
oh, and i have to mention i just "met" (discovered online) my "neighbor" (she lives in the area) Annie Spandex and trust me her DIY's are amazing.  she did her own version of Jeffrey Campbell shoe.  
so tacks are off right now.  what do you think? 

crystal clear

prada necklace, shoes and dress.  burberry trenchcoat (pictures from and

white summer

target top, target skirt, kohl's necklace, old navy jacket (more coming later about this jacket), clear shimmery bracelet from a local boutique store.
after taking these pictures i realized that i actually wanted to wear my DIY necklace with this outfit. 

the inspiration for this DIY came from style odyssey's post some time ago.  i just happened to stumble on these beautiful crystals at some local antique shop ($0.50 each).  JoAnn's chain.

i am sorry for not posting for so long.  i was having some weight issues.  but self-pity party is over and now i'm back to have more fun!  
ok, it is way too hot for that jacket but don't you think it looks cute with the white outfit?  i have a little surprise about that jacket coming in a few posts.  stay tuned...
nat, to reply to your email- if you subscribe to my posts then you will be notified by email and won't be having to check if i posted or not :)

keith urban "till summer comes around" -just because i wanna be a punk rock superstar does not mean i cannot appreciate some country ;)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

utility chic

today, my dad and i took my two kids and three nephews to the Cheekwood Museum to see Imperial Caucasus Faberge Egg.  it was fantastic.  if you are in Nashville, you got to see it.  and the Chihuly glass installations throughout the garden were amazing ($15 non-member adult admission was the only drawback, $8 kids, no charge for children under 5).   surprisingly, kids had fun.
this Faberge Egg called Imperial Caucasus depicts the Imperial hunting lodge in Abastumany, Georgia.

here is a picture i took of one of the Chihuly installations in front of the museum:

knowing that i would have my hands full, i wore gray utility pants from Walmart (check out those handy pockets), gray shirt from ross, target espadrilles with super soft polka dot silk lining, DIY ring and DIY necklace, cat-eys from hot topic.  added a splash of color with red lipstick (maybelline Are You Red-dy) and red nails (sally hansen's All Fired Up).
please ignore my hair, i was sweating profusely (i did style it in the morning but don't know why)...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


old navy gray tank top, ross gray shirt, target skirt (this was the only one left on clearance, had to adjust the size,  this beautiful pattern only comes in extra large sizes),  June Carter earrings (antique shop find), crocheted bib necklace (DIY), braided belt (thrifted), kohl's nude sandals.

Monday, July 19, 2010

presenting Georgia Blue Boutique on Etsy...

i minored in Art in college and after my daughter was born five years ago decided to put my education to good use ;)  i started painting shirts for my kids (a boy and a girl).  other parents started asking me to paint for their children and slowly i started taking custom orders.  do you need an original gift ideas for birthdays, baby showers, holiday gifts.  then please check out my brand new shop on Etsy
i also paint Christmas ornaments.  these make very special and personal gifts.  do you know someone who moved this year?  or someone who had a new baby?  how about a little/big brother/sister ornament?  check out for yourself.
it's "CHRISTMAS IN JULY" in my shop.  you will get free shipping anywhere in U.S. if you place an order before July 25, 2010.


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