Monday, June 21, 2010

what's the rush, anyway?

Do you remember Tom Binn watches from two years ago? I loved the idea then, but finally, two years later, I am brave enough to try it. I bought a white jelly watch on Ebay ($2.65), painted the face with white acrylic paint and gently sanded some paint off. I shall call my DIY creation "frozen time watch".
I am always late and have no clear concept of time. What's the rush, anyway?
Must be my Georgian genes. Enjoy life, smell the roses, daisies or whatever, we only live once!
The wall clock reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein prints; but cannot verify it anywhere. If you have any info on origins of this image-please let me know! I saw this clock at Target and had to take a picture! It fits my lifestyle perfectly.

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