Sunday, June 27, 2010

floral pants

it's been so hot here, i have been dreaming of some cool weather.  Lydia's (of allthingsnice blog) floral prints inspired me to share with you my favorite Goodwill find: these beautiful floral pants ($2-4?).  Can't wait to wear them when it gets a little cool.  The label on it says "Susan Bristol".  The shirt is from Walmart ($9).  Target white tee.  NewYork & Company brown belt, brown bag from ages ago i think came from T.J.Maxx.  i just love these Kohl's sandals ($17.99).  they are very soft.  i am planning on wearing them a lot this summer with my nude palette. 
orange leather bracelet came from Target's clearance, and the bead bracelet i had for ages-no idea how i got it.  the angel wing ring  and ichthus ring are both my favorite rings at the moment.
amber bead choker is a gift from my cousin.  nails- blank canvas cream by finger paints.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

tribal trend, georgian necklace

a friend took this picture of the little Georgian dancers at some art festival in Georgia (the country).  she let me use this pic.  are not they dolls?  i WANT that necklace for the tribal look (click on the picture to zoom).
oh, and several weeks ago i almost bought this bone spear necklace from

but told myself i had enough jewelry.  having second thoughts now... ;)  is there such thing as enough accessories?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

inspiration: Tory Burch

i was not sure about the tie-dye trend when i first noticed it.  but eventually it grew on me, especially blue and gray colors.  when i saw this $12 dress at Walmart, it reminded me of some Tory Burch tie-dyes.  golden chunky bracelet is from Kohl's (last year's purchase) and the necklace is thrifted.  is not it just beautiful?  what do you think about the clogs in the summer?  i love the look, plus they are surprisingly comfy.  Anna-Swedish Clogs from EBay. OldNavy denim jacket.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

shirt dress, cat-eye glasses, fur bracelet

today i am wearing khaki shirt dress from Target ($24.99 ?) that i call military shirt dress. i made the fur bracelet from some animal friendly piece of fur i got at JoAnn's. the cat-eye geometric glasses are a bargain from HotTopic - you can get it online only ($12.99). the price sure beats the $377 tag of my inspiration: Tom Ford Nikita glasses.
my necklace has two wings and a heart charm. i got the wing pendant from and the heart charm came from HobbyLobby.

brogue transformation

kids are still gone, so i decided to finish a shoe DIY I stared long time ago.
these boots are from Urban Outfitters ($19.99). they are perforated leather, really soft and comfy. i thought i'd wear them this summer, but it is sooo hot in Tennessee this year. plus i've been wanting some cute brogues that looked feminine. so I cut the boots to shape them like brogues and painted them with bronze paint from JoAnn's. finished off with sanding them for a worn look. the boots came with leather laces but i love these over-sized bows on shoes they wear now. the ribbon for the bows is also from JoAnn's. i love my new shoes. what do you think?

Monday, June 21, 2010

what time? I wasn't happy how my "frozen time watch" came out and I made it look like a "petrified time watch". white coat of acrylic paint, then a layer of bronze paint and sand it off. all I need now is a bunch of little black ants crawling on top of it. my son's giant red ant will have to do for right now. the mad ant attack!!!
as a young girl I used to love this painting by Salvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory

what's the rush, anyway?

Do you remember Tom Binn watches from two years ago? I loved the idea then, but finally, two years later, I am brave enough to try it. I bought a white jelly watch on Ebay ($2.65), painted the face with white acrylic paint and gently sanded some paint off. I shall call my DIY creation "frozen time watch".
I am always late and have no clear concept of time. What's the rush, anyway?
Must be my Georgian genes. Enjoy life, smell the roses, daisies or whatever, we only live once!
The wall clock reminds me of Roy Lichtenstein prints; but cannot verify it anywhere. If you have any info on origins of this image-please let me know! I saw this clock at Target and had to take a picture! It fits my lifestyle perfectly.

more with the classic stripes

Target "sailor" shirt ($12.99) with white & navy stripes, at least 10-year old white linen maxi skirt from Walmart (I am so happy I did not throw this one away!), Target floral scarf, old navy flip flops, F21 chain (it's really light), F21 red lips and lipstick necklace, Candies sunglasses from Kohl's, old navy tote

floral shorts

I've been looking for a cute pair of floral pants and shorts for a long time now with no luck. Why did I ever get rid of my floral prints from early 90's?! Finally, decided to check out our local Goodwill store for the first time and YES! found real pretty floral shorts (above) and more (coming soon). THANK YOU, little old lady, who donated this to Goodwill!!!

I am wearing navy&white striped shirt from Target ($12.99), Goodwill floral shorts ($2-4?), Old Navy flip flops and Old Navy denim tote ($10), Walmart sunglasses ($5). Turquoise nail polish is not Chanel's Nouvelle Vague ;) I just mixed several colors to get my own turquoise.

Bye Bye Soccer Mom... Hello Hot Mama

well, the "hot mama" thing is a perpetual work-in-progress... i am sure you are laughing WITH me!  the first pictures (above) are from a long time ago. the last one (below) is from summer 2009: after my lasik eye surgery and many pounds off... (sorry, it's blurry my then 4 year old took it).


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